Simplify your inventory management with our digital platform e-Stock.

Discover the ideal digital storage platform to manage your goods and equipment easily.

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Facilitate your logistics by digitizing and storing your objects.

YouStock has designed and developed a technology that allows you to digitize, store and optimize your inventory from a single interface. It features a photo inventory to easily find your stocks and help you better manage them.Fall in love with an innovative platform and personalized support. Whether it's collection, optimization or delivery, our experts in operational strategy will help you turn your logistics into a growth lever.
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A tool that adapts to your logistics needs.

Redevelopment of spaces

Managing active furniture, equipping rooms, receiving supplies and furniture, de-cluttering spaces... so many needs that require a well-honed logistics. Manage your flows directly from your e-Stock platform and leave the packaging, collection, delivery or installation to our teams!

Inventory surplus

For merchants who need to store their merchandise while waiting for the restocking of their various sales outlets, YouStock allows you to store your items for the duration of your choice. Depending on your needs, the goods can either be collected at the address of your choice or received directly by us. You can then schedule your delivery on the desired date.

Event facilities

We allow you to store and manage your materials between events. Define the date and address of collection and let our professionals take care of the rest. Storage, delivery, installation, dismantling, you can manage everything from your personal space. You decide and we execute!

Renovation and construction of premises

Our warehouses provide all the necessary conditions to store your equipment, furniture supplies, fragile goods or even household appliances in an optimal manner. Our teams come to dismantle, pack, collect and scan your goods before storing them for the duration of your choice. Once the work is completed, we deliver and install all your equipment.

A simple interface to manage your goods flows from their entry...


Your items are photographed and accessible from your online inventory.


Our professionals pack, dismantle and protect your belongings.


Your products are transported to our 24/7 video-surveilled warehouses. their delivery.


Select the products you want to deliver.


Set your delivery date.


Enter the address where the items will be delivered.

Why use the e-Stock platform?

A personalized support.

A dedicated logistics expert account manager.

The quality at an affordable price.

A tailor-made price, which adapts to your storage flows.

Your goods at your fingertips.

Permanent visibility of your inventory thanks to the digitization of your assets.

A tool developed according to your needs.

An innovative e-logistics platform for simplified control.

Move your office with peace of mind.

To support you in this important step, our professional movers dismantle, pack, store, deliver and install your equipment at the address of your choice. A turnkey solution that will allow you to save time and concentrate on your other missions.
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Frequently asked questions

Specialized in storage, moving and professional installation, YouStock is a French company located in Nice, Monaco and Paris.

Our objective: to offer you a global service adapted to your logistic challenges, from the professional custom-made storage to the installation, including transport, handling and delivery of your stocks.

Gone are the days when you had to multiply your contacts and service providers to store and manage your pallet and box flows. At YouStock, we take care of everything! Our professional movers come directly to your buildings to collect your goods, scan them and then transport them to our buildings.

Thanks to your photo inventory available on your personal space, you will finally be able to manage your stocks easily. New collection (or reception) or delivery, you just have to choose the place and the date for our experts to execute. And all this, from a single interface!

You will also have a personal logistics expert account manager at your disposal to accompany you every step of the way and advise you on how to best optimize your inventory management.

Nothing could be easier thanks to your e-Stock interface!

At the time of collection, your items are scanned to allow you to easily find them on your personal space. It is from this space that you will be able to request their delivery to the address and date of your choice.

Unlike a traditional storage unit, the e-Stock solution guarantees optimal storage conditions for your stocks.

Our storage areas and racks are continuously monitored by an alarm system equipped with anti-intrusion surveillance cameras 24/7.

Goods, furniture and equipment are stored on pallets, in bulk in secure, fire-resistant, leaded wooden crates, or on dedicated shelving. Perfectly protected from bad weather, dust and pests, you can leave your boxes and furniture there as long as you want in complete serenity.

In accordance with articles L. 133-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code, YouStock holds a civil liability insurance policy designed to guarantee the risks relating to the provision of services and to cover any damage that may be incurred in the course of providing the services.

Thus, we offer two distinct types of insurance:

Standard insurance included: YouStock is responsible for the goods entrusted to it up to the ceiling of 300 € per cubic meter or per object.

Ad-valorem insurance: This is an all-risk insurance that covers your goods at their purchase or repair value. The so-called "ad valorem" insurance covers the items as such against loss and damage that may occur during the move.

As soon as your order is validated, if you have opted for the ad valorem insurance, you will receive the declaration of value to be returned completed and signed 48 hours before the service.

The price of the ad valorem insurance is :

- 0,6% for transported goods,

- 0,3% for stored goods.

Expert in the field of professional storage, YouStock also offers its customized moving services to companies.

Our specialized company offers you its all-in-one solution to save time and money. Dismantling (and reassembling), protection, digitization, collection, transportation and storage, our experts take care of everything!

Once your equipment and furniture are digitized, you can request their delivery and installation in your new premises directly from your e-Stock space. You just have to tell us the address and the date that suits you best and our professionals will take care of the rest! A really ideal service during renovation works for example.

With YouStock, you only pay for what you store.

We offer a professional storage service tailored to your needs and your budget!

Do not hesitate to contact us or to make an appointment directly online with one of our experts (without obligation). We are at your disposal to present you our e-Stock platform according to your needs.

While we provide a delivery service throughout France, our warehouses are located on the outskirts of Paris and Nice. For security reasons, we do not communicate their precise location. Your stocks are in good hands!

Our buildings are located on the outskirts of Paris and Nice, Monaco, Bordeaux, et Lyon.