What storage solution to choose from?
What storage solution to choose from?

Renting a storage unit, furniture storage or co-storage, which solution to choose ?

Want to store your stuff but don't know which storage solution to choose? We take a look at the 3 most popular offers on the market to help you choose the storage space that best suits your needs.

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Box rental: functioning, advantages, disadvantages... we tell you everything!

As its name indicates, renting a storage unit (also called self storage) consists in renting a space of predefined size to store your belongings.

Intended for both individuals and professionals, renting a storage unit is one of the most popular storage solutions on the market. And for good reason, it has several advantages whatever the volume you want to store.

What are the advantages of a rental unit?

The security

In addition to providing you with the necessary space to store your belongings, the rental unit guarantees a certain level of security. Indeed, it usually has a video surveillance system and alarms to watch over your stored goods 24/7.

A level of security that allows you to store any good without worrying about the risks of theft, fire or even vandalism. With this, you can sleep soundly!

The accessibility

Often located in the city center or in a nearby suburb, the storage units for rent are very accessible. This can be considered an advantage if you need to drop off or pick up your belongings on a recurring basis.

Their flourishing development on the national level also offers you the possibility of selecting the location of the box of your choice and close to your living quarters (home, offices, etc.).

What are the disadvantages of renting a storage unit?

The handling

As you can imagine, renting a storage unit does not only have its advantages. The first difficulty you may encounter when choosing this solution concerns handling.

By using this type of service, you will have to take care of the packing, the boxing up of your belongings but also, their transportation! A task that can be very constraining when you want to store furniture, household appliances or bulky objects.

The material

Before even thinking about protecting and packing your belongings, you will have to plan the equipment that will be necessary. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, a hand truck, a moving strap, a van... so much equipment that is essential to put your belongings in storage without the risk of damaging them and that is unfortunately rarely offered by the storage companies.

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Co-storage : functioning, advantages, disadvantages... you will know everything !

Unlike self storage offered by companies, cost storage is the provision of storage space between individuals. You can therefore rent unused rooms (cellar, garage, room, etc.) from a private individual living near you.

What are the advantages of co-storage?

The price

The most advantageous point of the cost storage is its cost. Indeed, going through a private individual to store your stuff guarantees you an advantageous price.

However, be careful to calculate and add the cost of transportation and materials to the cost of your rental.

The proximity

It is becoming easier and easier to find available space, especially co-storage spaces in Île-de-France. Whether you are in the city center or in the suburbs, the flourishing offer allows you to rent a room as close as possible to your home.

What are the disadvantages of co-storage?

The security

Where a classic self storage solution (storage unit or box for rent) has video surveillance, a guard or even alarms to prevent fire or theft, storage in a private home is rarely as secure.

Especially since, unlike a storage container, the area rented by a private individual will certainly not be treated against dust, humidity or pests. It is therefore difficult to store your furniture, boxes or even your clothes without the risk of finding them in a bad state.

The accessibility

Depending on the location of the rental space, accessibility may be more or less easy. It may be necessary to climb a few steps, use a ladder or even walk through narrow hallways to get to your space.

So if you're going to be storing heavy furniture or boxes, be sure to check the accessibility of your rental.

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How does storage work and who is this storage solution for?

Unlike renting a storage unit, a storage unit offers you to store your belongings in boxes designed for this purpose, which are themselves stored in specialized warehouses. A storage solution that adapts 100% to your needs, but not only!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of storing your belongings in a storage facility?

The price

The first advantage of the storage unit is its price. Indeed, where self-storage (or the box to rent) offers boxes of predefined sizes, the YouStock storage facility will allow you to pay only for the volume stored.

Rates are adjusted to the cubic meter, which, compared to a standard storage unit rental, will allow you to save up to 40% on your storage price.

The storage conditions

Just like traditional self storage centers, our storage facilities are ultra-secure to guarantee optimal conditions for storing your belongings.

This is obviously the case of our warehouses which are each equipped with an alarm system and anti-intrusion cameras 24/7. Moreover, the containers themselves are secured and treated to resist fire, dust, parasites, humidity and bad weather.

The services

Some furniture repositories also offer a multitude of services to simplify your life and allow you to store your belongings serenely and quickly. At YouStock for example, our professional movers take care of everything! From the packing to the delivery of your belongings, we offer you to store your belongings without even moving!

How do our storage services work?

We pack

Our professionals dismantle, protect and pack your belongings from your home.

We transport

Your belongings are picked up from your home to our warehouse.

We store

Your belongings are stored in our warehouses under video surveillance.

The accessibility

The only disadvantage of a storage unit is its accessibility. Since it is not self-service, this storage solution does not allow you to drop off and pick up your belongings whenever you want.To remedy this, YouStock offers you the possibility to order the total or partial redelivery of your stored goods directly from your personal space. Our teams will then deliver them to the date and address of your choice. Practical, isn't it?

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