Our insurances

Sleep soundly with our insurance coverage for your personal belongings during transportation and storage.

Assurance box stockage

The contractual responsibility, the insurance included free of charge with your service

In case of a problem, the contractual liability insurance covers the damages caused by the mover during the service.

At YouStock, this insurance is free and automatically included when you make your estimate. It covers you in case of damage or loss up to 100€ per cubic meter, with a maximum of 100€ per object.

A very practical financial guarantee, but it may not be enough if you want to store your valuable goods. This is why we offer a complementary insurance: the ad-valorem insurance.

Ad-valorem, the ideal complementary insurance for your valuables

In addition to the contractual liability insurance, YouStock provides you with an ad valorem insurance to cover your valuable goods worth more than 100€. This all-risk insurance allows you to cover your goods at their purchase or repair value in case of loss or damage due to the service provided by our professionals.

How much does our Ad-valorem insurance cost?

The price of this financial guarantee is divided into 2 parts:

  • 0.6% of your collection or redelivery invoice for transported items

  • 0.3% of your monthly storage invoice for stored items

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The actions implemented to guarantee you a worry-free service

Your belongings are taken care of by qualified and experienced professionals
We use quality packing and packaging materials
Just like your home, the common areas are also protected
Our teams protect and pack your most fragile goods with care
Our professionals take care of dismantling but also of installing your furniture
We load your belongings in such a way as to avoid damage due to transport
Assurance box de stockage

The essential documents to obtain your compensation

The declaration of value, to be sent to us before your service

The declaration of value determines the global value of your transported and/or stored objects and sets the compensation terms and their ceiling. It is a compulsory document which specifies in particular: the total amount of the goods handled but also, the unit value of the goods exceeding the limit of 100€ determined by the contractual liability insurance. This information is essential if you wish to be compensated in case of damage.

The waybill, to be filled in and signed on D-day

The waybill is a document presented by our team leader at the time of your service. It assures that the service has been carried out and if it is not the case, it allows you to appeal in case of damage or loss of your goods. Before signing it, you can then write your reservations in a precise and complete way.

Caution! The damage not mentioned in the reserves of the consignment note could not be held of our responsibility. Please make sure to fill in the necessary information before signing the consignment note.

In summary, the steps to follow in case of problems with your service

Youstock etape1
Etape1 youstock

The waybill

On the day of delivery, indicate your reservations at the time of your service on the consignment note, without forgetting to sign it.
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Etape2 youstock

Registered mail

Within 10 days after your service, confirm your reservations by sending us a registered letter indicating the problems encountered on the day.
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Etape3 youstock

The insurance file

Only after we receive your letter can we open your insurance file and begin the process.
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Additional documents

If we have to ask you for them, do not hesitate to gather your purchase invoices, repair estimates, photos of the damage, etc.

Your frequently asked questions about our storage and moving insurance

To guarantee the safety of your goods, we have chosen Helvetia: the first transport insurance company! A serious insurance company, which acts with honesty and a sense of responsibility.

At YouStock, contractual liability insurance is automatically included in your storage quote. However, to subscribe to the Ad-Valorem insurance, do not hesitate to ask for it when designing your quote via our online tool.

If a problem occurs in your home, it is your comprehensive insurance (or home insurance) that will take care of it. However, as soon as your belongings cross your threshold, our insurance will take over. Pretty simple, isn't it?

As everywhere else, some items cannot be covered by our insurance: plants (which we advise against storing), perishable products and monetary goods.

This is possible with some insurance companies. If you wish to use your home insurance to cover your belongings, don't hesitate to check with your insurance company to see if they offer this type of service. And if it is the case, you just have to inform us when you sign your quote and send us a certificate of non-use before your service.