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We put at your service 2 calculators to give you an estimate of your storage space in m² and the corresponding price.

Use our two moving volume calculators:


Convert your living space into storage space :

We will associate it with a forecast of the volume to be moved in m²! Don't forget to press simulate my price to see your moving budget.

The conversion is not an exact value, the price may therefore change according to the actual volume observed. If you want a more accurate estimate, calculate your volume by listing your assets.


List your assets:

Type in the search bar the wording of your furniture, your household appliances, your various belongings and your moving boxes. Add objects by specifying the quantity (the number of chairs for example), and calculate!

Finally, click on simulate my price to obtain the price calculation associated with your storage space.

Calculateur de volume de déménagement

Why use a volume calculator for your move?

At YouStock, we know that moving is a highlight in your life. To reduce the uncertainty and stress associated with this change of life, we provide you with our online tool to calculate the storage space in m² of your goods.

You will be able to obtain in a few moments an estimate of the cubage of your furniture and the associated price. You can already get a fairly precise idea of ​​the volume of your goods, without even having to plan a technical visit.

This calculation is therefore essential so that you can prepare your move in peace!

How to reduce moving costs?

It is difficult to influence the calculation of the volume to be moved, or the distance between the point of departure and that of arrival. However, you can reduce the cost of the intervention with these tips:

If you have the time to prepare your boxes yourself, don't hesitate. Depending on how much effort you are willing to put into it, this will reduce the quote slightly. You can also opt for basic packaging to spend less money, but if like everyone else you care about your belongings, it is really not worth the effort.

You can also reduce the amount of the estimate by dismantling your furniture yourself, without calling on movers for this operation. But be careful, you will also need to be able to reassemble them on your own, otherwise you will need to seek professional help!

Choose the right time to make your move. The price calculation for your move can be strongly impacted by the time of year you decide to move in. Indeed, seasonality is an important pricing factor. Generally speaking, you will pay more if you move at the end of the month. The most expensive time of year to move is spring and early summer (April to July).

Finally, reduce transport costs by choosing a van with the load volume adapted to the cubic capacity of your move. To choose the most suitable truck for your needs, use our online moving volume calculator if you haven't already!