Your storage unit in Schaerbeek

Do you live in Schaerbeek, Belgium, and are you looking for a flexible, cost-effective storage unit to store your furniture and bulky items? Discover YouStock

Youstock garde meuble Schaerbeek - Bruxelles
Secure furniture storage: insurance and storage security included
A cost-effective solution: 40% cheaper than a traditional self-storage

A new way to store you durniture in Schaerbeek

Estimate your storage project

Obtain a rate for your storage projet by making a premilinary inventory of all the goods you plan storring

We collect your belongings from home

Our team will come to your home to dismantle, protect and pack your goods.


Your goods are stored in our warehouses under 24/7 video surveillance with alarm and guarding.

Manage your assets via mobile

YouStock photographs your stored goods so you can find them in your online inventory.


Order the return of your goods directly to your home via your online photo inventory.
Passer du self stockage au garde-meuble pour économiser

Save up to 40% on your storage fees in Schaerbeek

Traditional self-storage is a practical but restrictive solution, as you'll often be paying for space you don't use, such as the hallway to access your belongings, or overhead space. At YouStock, we estimate storage space by the square meter, so you only pay for the space you occupy! What's more, we optimize the storage of items to reduce the final surface area as much as possible, and therefore the price of your storage unit rental.

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YouStock VS traditional self-stroage

Unlike traditional self-storage box rental, YouStock includes multiple options to help you save time when storing your belongings in a furniture repository.

Home Pick Up
Dismantling and packing
Online photo inventory
Home relivery
24/7 secure warehousing

Entrust your furniture to qualified professionals

Our team is made up of qualified storage professionals chosen after a very precise selection process. All YouStock team members are trained in our values, methods and tools, to ensure not only the speed and efficiency of our services, but also the quality of execution and friendliness.

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Renting a storage unit in Schaerbeek allows you to make more space in your home. Schaerbeek is one of Brussels' liveliest suburbs, with a rich artistic and cultural life. Close to downtown Brussels, it is home to over 140 different nationalities! So it's not surprising that housing is often small, and that residents don't always have room to store all their furniture and bulky belongings. Even if you live in Brussels, a storage unit in Schaerbeek is a good solution, since the two cities are so close!

YouStock offers a wide range of services:

  • Parking reservations
  • Sale of materials and boxes
  • Dismantling, packing, protection and boxing
  • Home collection
  • Transport
  • Photographing goods for photo inventory
  • Return delivery of stored goods
  • Unpacking and reassembly

Our space calculator lets you easily calculate the amount of storage space you need to store all your belongings. At YouStock, you only pay for the space you actually use, which means you can save up to 40% on your storage fees compared to a traditional rental unit! What's more, we optimize the arrangement of your belongings, a bit like a game of Tetris, to minimize the surface area required for storage.

To find out how much space you need for your furniture storage, use our space calculator. This online tool lets you estimate to the nearest square meter how much space you'll need to store all your belongings, so you don't have to pay for space you won't need. Thanks to intelligent storage (a bit like Tetris!) we guarantee you won't pay for unused space in your storage unit.

Would you like to retrieve an item from storage? The re-delivery process is very simple. When we collect your furniture, we take photos of all your items and assign a QR code to each one. Your items then appear in your online inventory. To collect one or more items, simply log on to your inventory, select the items you wish to collect and confirm your selection. We'll confirm the exact date of re-delivery, as well as the price, and you'll receive your items straight to your home.