Entreprise de déménagement France
Entreprise de déménagement France

Move with peace of mind

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The quality of service, our requirement

We know how valuable your belongings are, which is why they are carefully packed and transported by our professional movers. We have our own team that we recruit and train in our methodologies. This guarantees you a quality service, carried out by people we trust 100%.

Choose your moving offer


For small moving Choose this offer
  • Transport and handling
  • Liability insurance
  • Packaging of furniture
  • Packing of fragile objects
  • Dismantling of the furniture
  • Half day reservation
  • Parking reservation
  • Material and boxes provided
  • Packing in boxes
  • Unpacking
  • Reassembling the furniture


For classic moves Choose this offer
  • Transport and handling
  • Multi-risk insurance
  • Packaging of furniture
  • Packing of fragile objects
  • Dismantling of the furniture
  • Time slot reservation
  • Parking reservation
  • Material and boxes provided
  • Packing in boxes
  • Unpacking
  • Reassembling the furniture


For a turnkey move Select this offer
  • Transport and handling
  • Multi-risk insurance
  • Packaging of furniture
  • Packing of fragile objects
  • Dismantling of the furniture
  • Fixed time reservation
  • Parking reservation
  • Material and boxes provided
  • Packing in boxes
  • Unpacking
  • Reassembling the furniture

Transparent moving costs.

Our moving costs are calculated based on criteria and your needs. Start a simulation to get a detailed quote with our moving estimation tool.

Moving costs are calculated based on:

Equipment for heavy or fragile furniture
Volume of furniture transported
Accessibility to your current and future home (floors, stairs)
Distance between your departure and arrival address

A tailor-made and customized moving service.

We offer you a range of services to add in your project depending on your budget and your needs.

Talk to one of our experts at 09 80 80 66 65.

Services included

Technical home Inspection
Furniture and bedding protection
Furniture handling
Waste disposal
Liability insurance


Packing boxes
Rental furniture lift
Disassembling and reassembling
Moving supplies
Wrapping fragile belongings
All-risk insurance

Une expérience de déménagement la plus agréable possible

Afin de répondre précisément à vos besoins de déménagement, YouStock s’entoure des meilleurs déménageurs indépendants de votre région. Rigoureusement sélectionné par nos experts, chaque partenaire doit remplir un cahier de charge répondant à notre méthodologie et à nos valeurs afin de vous proposer le déménagement de votre mobilier et de biens le plus qualitatif. Un processus qui nous permet aujourd’hui de vous garantir une prestation efficace et rapide, en toute confiance.

Need to store your stuff during your move?

Going abroad

Whether you are moving to another country, transferring to another country or going to college, leave with peace of mind! We will keep your belongings warm until you return.

Renovation work

Protect your furniture by storing it while you renovate or redecorate your new home.

Furnished housing

Store furniture and appliances you won't need until you sell or reuse them.

Temporary residence

You haven't found your next home yet? YouStock allows you to make your research in all serenity by taking care of your goods.

Relative's move

YouStock helps you manage the departure of your loved one by keeping their furniture and clothes for as long as necessary.

Smaller surface

You may not be able to keep all your belongings if you move to a smaller space. Sort through them and store them until you find a bigger place.

Questions frequently asked

Having several moving quotes from different companies allows you to compare the prices and services offered by each company. This way, you can select the one that best suits your needs and budget.

To live your move with peace of mind, the best thing is to anticipate and prepare it step by step:

  • Contact your mover about 8 weeks before the date you wish to move.

  • Notify all the organizations or service providers such as your energy, gas and electricity suppliers who need to be notified of your change of address.

  • When packing, sort your belongings and those of your children to reduce the volume.

  • Remember to store the things you don't use on a daily basis: garden furniture, skis, things stored in the attic or cellar, etc.

  • Set aside all your jewelry and valuables so you can transport them yourself.

  • Arrange for a cleaning company to clean up after you've emptied the house, as you'll probably be tired. Save your energy for the move!

To go further, we provide you with a detailed checklist in this article that will allow you to get organized.

In order to obtain the estimate of the volume of your service, Youstock, provides you with a volume calculator with which you can detail all your goods to be moved. Thanks to a particular calculation, it assigns a volume to each object according to its dimensions to allow you to obtain an estimate as precise as possible.

A free and non-binding estimate which can even be useful if you wish to move by your own means and rent a moving truck adapted to your needs.

We can also estimate the volume with you directly by phone or by video conference, without obligation. Do not hesitate to ask our teams for advice at +33 9 80 80 66 65.

A serious company will provide you with professional and serious movers. It is very important to use moving companies registered with the Chambre syndicale du déménagement (CSD) such as YouStock to benefit from competent people and to avoid unpleasant surprises on the big day.

Our advantage? All our employees are experienced, qualified and trained in our quality charter. A daily requirement to satisfy our customers. Constant reviews and testimonials that allow us to maintain a rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.

Save money by choosing a moving date outside of school vacations. Avoid the high seasons: in summer from June to September and in winter during the Christmas vacations.

You can also plan as much as possible yourself before calling a professional mover. This can include packing and protecting your belongings, disassembling your furniture or even transporting part of your belongings before D-day in order to reduce the volume to be moved, one of the most important criteria in the calculation of your estimate.

If you find that you need to remove/add items from your initial estimate, it is necessary to contact your sales representative for any estimate changes. Charges may be applied depending on the time frame of your move.

On the day of the move, if you do not wish to have certain items moved, no adjustment will be made.

For any addition of goods, a tariff adjustment will be made according to the additional volume moved.

When it comes to simplifying your life, YouStock is on all fronts!

In addition to our moving services, we also offer custom storage services. We offer to store your belongings while you renovate your home or even while you find a new apartment. A custom storage service up to 40% cheaper than a traditional storage unit such as Homebox or Shurgard.

Once your belongings have been packed, protected and scanned, we transport them to our warehouses where they will be stored in wooden, fire-resistant and secure boxes. Perfectly protected from bad weather, dust and pests, your belongings benefit from the best storage conditions. Have peace of mind, your belongings are in good hands!

Once your work is completed (or your new residence found), you can request their return on the date and at the address of your choice directly from your photo inventory accessible from your online customer account. Our teams take care of the rest.

Moving a company requires a specific organization that leaves no room for error. This is why our moving company offers tailor-made services adapted to companies.

Choosing a professional mover to take care of your company's move will save you precious time so that you can better concentrate on your business. Do not hesitate to contact us directly at 09 70 70 25 20 to request your free estimate.

In accordance with Articles L. 133-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code, YouStock has taken out a civil liability insurance policy designed to cover the risks relating to the performance of the Services and to cover any damage that may be incurred in the course of their performance.

As this is a removal service, YouStock has taken out a financial guarantee covering the deterioration, loss or destruction of the goods stored up to the following limits:

Are my goods moved For goods stored individually :

  • 200€ per large box;

  • 200€ per wardrobe cover ;

  • 200€ per golf bag;

  • 200€ per bike ;

  • 100€ per medium box;

  • 100€ per ski or snowboard bag;

  • 50€ per suitcase ;

  • 50€ per tire;

  • 25€ per archive container.

This basic guarantee insures your belongings up to 300€ per m³ and per object. If you wish to insure your belongings at their original value, you can opt for the "ad valorem" guarantee. Your goods will then be insured up to the value of the declaration that you fill in beforehand. Its rate is 6% of the total amount declared.200€ par boite large.

Associated with the estimate, the declaration of value makes it possible to determine the overall value of your furniture, and sets the terms of compensation and their ceiling. This document is compulsory in the same way as the consignment note. It is provided by the removal company and must specify

  • the total amount of goods transported by the move

  • the unit value of the goods exceeding the contractual liability limit determined in the estimate, i.e. 300€.

La lettre de voiture comprend les principales informations pratiques telles que :

  • your contact details and those of the company,

  • the volume of goods to be transported,

  • the mode of transport,

  • the number of the validated estimate,

  • the value of the goods declared,

  • the start and end dates of the service.

It specifies the equipment to be used, the composition of the team, etc. It also specifies the dates and times for loading and unloading the goods into the moving truck. And it ensures that the work has been done and allows for recourse if there has been breakage or damage to your goods.