The security of furniture warehouses YouStock

At YouStock, the security of your belongings is our priority!

Learn more about the processes we put in place to ensure their security throughout your storage service.

A precise protocol to guarantee the security of your stored items

Preventing risks

Our warehouses have security systems against intrusion, fire and even pests.

Carrying out regular checks

YouStock ensures that the safety standards of its furniture repositories are always respected.

Being able to react quickly

In the event of a problem, we make every effort to react and resolve it quickly.

Security that starts with the collection of your belongings

To prevent any risk of loss during your service, our teams have developed a traceability system for your goods.

To do this, we photograph your items to be stored and assign them a QR code as soon as they are collected. This is a way for us to verify that the quantity of items collected corresponds to the quantity of items stored in our warehouses. And later on, to proceed to this same verification when they are delivered again.

A real innovation in the world of storage that allows YouStock to prevent the loss or even theft of objects during their transport.

Measures in place to prevent fire hazards risks

Our warehouses are equipped with all the classic fire-fighting devices that exist: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke extraction hatches, etc. All these elements are mandatory (and checked every year) for the security of our furniture repositories, but in YouStock's eyes they are insufficient to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

In fact, according to a recent study, more than 50% of the fires that occur in warehouses are of electrical origin. That's why, at YouStock, we make sure that our electrical systems comply with APSAD standards. Every year, we have an expert check the state of our system, both electrically and thermally, to avoid any heating point that could cause a fire.

Since the origin of a fire can also come from human error, we also ask our technicians working in our warehouses to show us their fire permit. In the case of work, for example, this document specifies the perimeter and the conditions under which the work can be carried out without risk.

Secure warehouses to prevent intrusion

In addition to being accessible only to authorized persons, our furniture repositories are all equipped with anti-intrusion alarms (internal and external to our warehouses) and video and/or remote surveillance systems. These are essential technologies so that you can continue to sleep soundly, even after having entrusted us with your belongings.

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Measures taken to protect your business from vermin

Every quarter, we have a pest control specialist intervene to treat our furniture repositories and their surroundings. Ants, termites, mites, rats... no pest can resist these professionals! A necessary operation to avoid the propagation of these species which manage to infiltrate in the smallest recesses and could damage your things.

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Say goodbye to bedbugs!

At YouStock, we do everything we can to protect your belongings from pests, including bed bugs.
To maintain a healthy environment, we have rigorous cleaning and inspection protocols in place. This starts when we collect your belongings, with a thorough inspection to identify any bed bug or other pest infestations.
Securite box stockage
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YouStock secures its warehouses as well as its storage units

Just like our furniture storage units, the containers used to store your belongings are designed to guarantee their safety, whether they are to be stored for a few days or for several years. To keep your belongings in optimal conditions, we have opted for wooden storage boxes (better insulated than metal ones) that are fireproof and treated to resist temperature variations.