Your storage solution in Nice

Store your stuff without moving and save up to 60% compared to traditional self storage in Nice.

A price adapted to your needs down to the M².
Premium storage services and qualified professionals

How does our storage service work in the 06 ?

Online booking

Make an initial inventory of the goods you wish to store and obtain a free price estimate.

Pick up at your home

Dismantling, protection, packing... our teams take care of everything for you.

Furniture storage

Your belongings are then transported and stored in our secure warehouses.

Remote management

Thanks to the application, you can take advantage of an online photo inventory, allowing you to view every item in storage at any time.

Furniture delivered

You want to get them back? We will deliver them to you free of charge within 24 hours.

A new way to store things in Nice !

Our sole aim is to meet a single expectation: to make renting a storage unit accessible and simple! To do this, we've developed a solution that revolutionizes self-storage and furniture storage in Nice, with a service that allows you to store on demand, including transport, with no commitment, securely and with no size or time limits.

After validating your rental estimate and establishing a firm price, our professionals come to your home to pack, collect, transport and store all your belongings! Unlike Shurgard, HomeBox or Annexx in Nice, you don't have to worry about driving, unloading or parking... Our professional movers do it all for you.

The storage units in the 06 VS Our storage unit in Nice

With a traditional self storage

When you rent a storage unit, you risk not using it to its full potential. Indeed, few people manage to fill it up to the ceiling and in all its width. There is always an empty space left; an unused surface that is billed every month.

With YouStock

No more empty space! Our professionals optimize your stored goods to allow you to reduce your rented space to the maximum and save up to 60% on your storage price in Nice!

Furniture storage in Nice for all situations

Moving abroad

Whether you're going abroad temporarily for an expatriation, transfer or study, opt for our storage service and leave with peace of mind.


Free up space in your closets by storing your belongings out of season, to create a spacious, organized dressing room.


Preserve the integrity of your furniture while you renovate or decorate by choosing a furniture storage service.


Free up space by storing your belongings while you look for suitable accommodation.

Entrust your objects to serious and qualified professionals

YouStock recruits the best independent storage professionals in Nice to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

After passing our selection process, each of them is trained in our methodologies and values. A well-tried process to guarantee you a quality, fast and efficient storage service wherever you live in the 06.

What are the prices of our furniture repositories in Nice?

When choosing a company to store your belongings, the price of a storage unit in Nice is determined by four main criteria: location, volume to be stored, storage duration and additional services selected. To help you get a better idea of prices, here's the average monthly price of a storage unit in Bordeaux :

1 to 5m³18€ to 85€15€ to 72€
6 to 12m³85€ to 170€72€ to 140€
13 to 20m³170€ to 247€140€ to 206€
To get a more accurate estimate, simulate a storage rate in 5 minutes.

We also take care of your move in Nice

Are you planning to move and need to store your belongings until you get the keys to your new home? Don't panic, we propose an all-in-one offer combining these two services: moving and storage in Nice.
To help you move with peace of mind, our teams take care of dismantling, packing, transporting and storing your belongings for the duration of your choice.
Once you have received the keys to your new home, YouStock will deliver and install your belongings in your new home. A complete solution to allow you to move and store easily in the 06!

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Refer your friends and family to save on your storage bill!

Earn €50 for every successful referral and save your referred friends €50 on their first month's storage!

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Frequently asked questions

So that you can sleep soundly, our warehouses are continuously monitored by an intrusion alarm system and 24/7 video surveillance.

Your belongings are also stored in sealed, fireproof containers to keep them safe from the elements, dust and pests. Perfect conditions for you to leave any type of furniture, fabric or object for as long as you want without worrying about the condition in which you will find it.

To help you find the storage space that best suits your needs (and your budget), YouStock provides you with a volume calculator in which you can detail all your goods to be stored.

For each of them, the tool assigns a volume according to their dimensions to give you the total area needed to store them.

If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask our experts for advice. They will be delighted to help you with your storage project in Nice.

Traditional furniture storage is quite similar to self-storage, the difference being that instead of renting a box directly to store your belongings, you benefit from an under-sealed container, usually made of wood. With YouStock, you can also take advantage of a transport and handling service for even greater comfort and convenience.

Our centers and YouStock switchboards are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Outside these times, you can always request a callback via our website, so that a professional can call you back during the week to determine the volume and size of box you need and provide you with a suitable quote.

Discover all our available storage facilities in Alpes-Maritimes (06)

YouStock's storage service is available throughout Nice and covers the entire Alpes-Maritime region from Théoule to Menton, including Grasse, Vence, Levens and Aspremont...

YouStock in Nice offers top-of-the-range furniture storage at competitive rates. Our rates per m² are comparable to those of self-storage units, reducing your current bill by up to 40% thanks to optimized use of space. So you only pay for the space you really need, while benefiting from impeccable storage quality.