Your furniture storage unit in Paris

Do you want to store your belongings in central Paris or the Ile-de-France region? Discover YouStock, the tailor-made storage solution that saves you money.

✔ Save up to 40% on your storage fees
✔ Your belongings collected at home
✔ A competitor is cheaper? We'll match it!
A price fully adjusted to the space occupied
One of the best customer satisfaction ratings in Paris
Better storage and insurance conditions.

How do our storage services in Paris and the Ile-de-France region work?


Our teams dismantle, protect, pack and transport your goods from your home.


Your belongings are stored in our furniture repositories under 24/7 video surveillance, alarm and guarding.


Our movers deliver the goods you want to collect to the address and date of your choice.
Storage unit paris youstock

YouStock, self-storage in Paris that comes to you

With YouStock, you don't have to rent a storage unit, which requires you to handle, pack and transport your belongings to a self-storage center on the outskirts of Paris. With our innovative service, you can store your belongings without moving!

Our professionals come to you to collect, store and deliver your belongings.

Up to 40% cheaper than a storage unit in Paris

Unlike traditional self storage, YouStock estimates your storage space by the square meter. So you only pay for the space you occupy, no more, no less.

What's more, our teams optimize the storage of your items to help you minimize your final surface area, and therefore the price of your self-storage rental.

A perfect combination of choice and action that guarantees you savings of up to 40% compared to a storage unit rental in Paris.

Storage services designed to make your life easier

YouStock offers a wide range of services to enable you to put together an offer that will fully meet your needs.

Our advisors are available to help you find the right size storage unit for your needs and answer any questions you may have.


Dedicated advisor
Multi-risk insurance
Collection / delivery time reservation
Parking reservation
Provision of equipment and boxes

Handling and Transport

Home collection
Photo inventory of stored items
Dismantling of furniture
Packing furniture
Packing fragile items
Reassembly of furniture

A Furniture Storage Unit in Paris that's close to you

From our offices right in the heart of Paris, our teams manage each storage operation in our furniture repositories throughout the Ile-de-France region.

Whether you live in the center of the capital or in the Paris suburbs, our professionals come to your home to condition, pack, collect and transport your belongings to our furniture repositories.

Storage Prices

Why use our storage services in Paris 75?

In addition to the lack of space due to the increase in the price of Parisian accommodation, you are bound to encounter various difficulties linked to living in the capital. These are constraints that you face on a daily basis and that you will not be able to escape if you want to store your belongings on your own. But YouStock is here to help you!

Difficult-to-access housing

With narrow or non-existent lifts and cramped stairwells, Haussmann buildings are among the most difficult to access! This is why our professionals offer to pack and transport your belongings for you.

An overloaded schedule

Are you busy with your work and don't have much time to manage the storage of their belongings? Packing, boxing, loading, retrieving... So many time-consuming tasks that we can do for you!

Overcrowded roads

Despite its extensive network, storing your belongings in Paris can become a real obstacle course. Avoid crowded subways and saturated roads, YouStock will take care of transporting your stuff to the centre.

Un stationnement impossible

Une autre difficulté liée à la Capitale : ses places de stationnement. Si vous ne possédez pas de parking proche de votre appartement, nos équipes se chargent de demander l’autorisation de stationnement ainsi que de transporter vos biens jusqu’au camion.

Let's find the right storage solution for you!

Frequently asked questions about furniture storage in Paris:

Why should I rent storage in Paris?

There are many situations in life where renting a storage unit in the Paris region can be worthwhile. The main reasons are linked to the high demand for housing in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, which is putting a lot of pressure on the real estate market. As a result, space available for rent is limited and prices are very high. Furniture repositories enable people to store their furniture and personal belongings at a much more affordable cost and in secure premises. They are also ideal for people who live abroad or move frequently and need storage space for their belongings. Furniture repositories can also be used to store goods or archives for businesses, which can be extremely convenient for those who don't have sufficient space to store their goods or archives on their own premises.

At Youstock, we have identified our customers' main reasons for storage:

- Moving to a smaller home: need more space? We store excess items that aren't used on a daily basis and are cluttering up your new home.
- Between two homes: while waiting for the keys to your new space, we offer you storage of all your belongings for a period adapted to your needs.
- Storage during major renovations: we store your belongings and furniture for as long as it takes to complete your renovation project.
- A home without a cellar or garage: you need storage to optimize every cm2 of living space and live well at home.
- Moving in two stages: You're between 2 homes and need storage while you wait to move to your new address in Paris.

How secure are our storage facilities?

Whether you're a business or a private individual, or whether you've chosen to store your belongings from Montparnasse to Saint Lazare or from Saint Ouen to Charonne, the level of security at our storage centers is based on standards that enable us to guarantee the constant safety of your furniture and personal belongings. All our storage facilities in the Paris region are equipped with alarms to prevent intruders, your belongings are kept safe in fireproof lockers, the center is lit at night, and video surveillance cameras act as a deterrent. For individuals and companies, to meet your expectations, our rental contract includes an insurance policy to protect your goods from accidental damage or loss. The warehouse is inaccessible to the public and remains locked when not in use, except for our staff and customers. No one is allowed to enter, ensuring that the space remains secure at all times.

What types of furniture storage are available in Paris?

There are a variety of furniture storage facilities available in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. The most common are traditional furniture repositories, which are usually boxed storage spaces rented on a short- or long-term basis and are ideal for storing furniture and personal effects. There are also online storage services, which offer a flexible, cost-effective storage solution for those who don't need to store large quantities of furniture or personal items. The latest and most common form of storage space in the IDF is the box de stockage, or Self-storage, a concept that arrived in France from the US over ten years ago, which involves renting a box of predefined size and leaving free access to it. It's an economical solution if you manage to use all the space allocated to you, otherwise it's better to let professionals store your belongings.