YouStock 2.0 photo inventory

Discover our tool designed and developed to help you store your stuff without having to move!

Keep an eye on your stored belongings


Before being put into storage, your items are photographed and tracked to build up your inventory.


Your belongings are transported and stored in our secure warehouses. Find them on your inventory!


Once stored, your goods are visible from your photo inventory on your personal space.
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How does it work?

During their collection and before putting them in storage in our warehouses, our professionals photograph and mark your goods with a QR code. Once stored in our secure warehouses, you will be able to find each of them directly in your photo inventory, available on your personal online space.

Designed and developed by our teams, this photo inventory allows you to manage your stored items directly from your couch. To retrieve them, simply select the items you want to retrieve directly from it and indicate the date you want them delivered. No more trips back and forth between your storage unit and your home, our movers take care of everything!

Your belongings delivered to your home in 3 steps


Specify all the stored items you want to retrieve.


Choose the date when you are available to receive your items.


All you have to do is wait for our delivery team to come by.

The advantages of YouStock photo inventory

Your goods at your fingertips

Keep a permanent visibility of your stored items by scanning them.

A service judged Excellent

Choose a professional quality service, already validated by many customers.

The delivery of your belongings in 1 click

Order the delivery of part or all of your stored items easily.

An easy to use tool

Discover an innovative and ergonomic interface to manage your stored stuff.