The best alternative to Costockage

Looking for an alternative to Costockage? Let's take a look at the main differences and features between YouStock and the private storage rental platform.

Two companies that save you money on storage

If you're looking for cost-effective storage options, YouStock and Costockage stand out for their low prices. Costockage offers a wide range of storage solutions, enabling its customers to select the surface area best suited to their needs, from both professional and private offers, for even more savings!

YouStock, for its part, offers modular solutions that can be adjusted according to the volume of goods to be stored. With precise pricing per square metre, YouStock can cut costs by up to 40% compared with more traditional storage methods!

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Customer service excellence at YouStock

YouStock is the ideal choice for those looking for efficient, personalised customer service in the storage sector. Our start-up stands out for the attention, availability and expertise of its team, which has enabled it to earn a place among the best in the business! Don't hesitate to discover the quality of our services by simulating your rate or by contacting us today about your storage project!

Our advisers will be delighted to answer your questions and help you find the solution that really suits your needs.

Two storage services accessible from anywhere

Available in major cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice, Costockage and YouStock are on hand to meet all your storage needs. The main difference between them lies in their approach to transport.

While Co-Stockage's sole aim is to facilitate the rental of free space between private individuals, YouStock goes further by offering a complete service without the need for you to travel to store your belongings. This solution involves professional movers taking complete charge of packing, protecting, dismantling and collecting your belongings directly from your home. They then transport and store your items in secure warehouses. An all-in-one service for worry-free storage!

With YouStock, you can retrieve your stored items without having to go anywhere!

1-click delivery of your belongings

Order the delivery of some or all of your stored items with ease.

Your belongings at your fingertips

Keep permanent visibility of your stored items.

Excellent service

Choose a professional, high-quality service that has already been validated by numerous customers.

An easy-to-use tool

Discover an innovative, user-friendly interface for managing your stored items.

Optimum storage conditions with YouStock

One of YouStock's main advantages over its competitors is the quality of its storage facilities. While some platforms focus on putting you in touch with private individuals for the rental of spaces such as garages or cellars, these places are not always equipped to ensure optimal storage and security of personal belongings. You could run the risk of damp or even theft.

That's why YouStock has state-of-the-art storage facilities with a high level of security. These facilities are equipped with continuous surveillance systems, rigorous access controls and tried and tested security devices, ensuring that your belongings are protected and preserved in all circumstances and for any length of storage period!

Which storage solution should you choose?

To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a full comparison between these two storage companies.

If you have any questions or would like some personalised advice, don't hesitate to use the contact button below. One of our experts will be happy to call you back promptly to guide you towards the storage solution best suited to your needs.

Wide choice of storage spaces
Help with packing and boxing
Home pick-up
Online photo inventory
Multi-risk insurance
Return delivery included
Secure storage
Free access to storage
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