The best alternative to JeStocke, storage between private individuals

Are you looking for an alternative to JeStocke? Let's take a look at the main differences and features between YouStock and the private storage rental platform.

Really low storage prices for both companies

Cost is a crucial element to consider when looking for storage space for your belongings, and this is where YouStock and JeStocke stand out as being very competitive. JeStocke offers a wide variety of spaces for rent, allowing you to choose a small storage space even outside the city centre, if that's what you want. In fact, opting for a smaller, out-of-the-way space can save you money on storage costs.

YouStock understands this and offers storage spaces that automatically adapt to the items you are storing. Its prices, calculated by the square metre, offer savings of up to 40% compared with traditional storage solutions.

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Fully secure, adapted storage at YouStock

YouStock's biggest advantage over JeStocke is its storage conditions. Because YouStock's principle is to put you in touch with private individuals to rent one of their rooms in which to store your belongings, these rooms will not necessarily have the facilities you need to keep your personal belongings safe and sound. Depending on the type of rental you choose, your belongings may be damp or stolen.

That's why YouStock stands out by offering you modern, ultra-secure warehouses. These are equipped with advanced 24/7 surveillance systems, strict access controls and reliable security measures to ensure both the protection and safekeeping of your goods. No matter how long you need to store your goods!

Two storage services near you

Whether you live in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon or Nice, both services are available to help you store your belongings. The only difference is the transport. Unlike JeStocke, YouStock offers its customers the option of storing their belongings without having to travel. In fact, if you wish, professional movers will come to your home to pack, protect, dismantle and collect your items before transporting them and putting them into storage in their secure warehouses. Pretty practical, isn't it?

With YouStock, you can get your stored items back without leaving home!

Excellent service

Choose a professional, high-quality service that has already been validated by numerous customers.

Your belongings at your fingertips

Keep permanent visibility of your stored items.

1-click delivery of your belongings

Order the delivery of some or all of your stored items with ease.

An easy-to-use tool

Discover an innovative, user-friendly interface for managing your stored items.

Customer service, a major asset for YouStock

If you want a responsive service and support that is entirely dedicated to your storage project, YouStock is the solution for you. The friendliness, availability and professionalism of its experts set the start-up apart and put it well ahead of JeStocke's customer service. Find out for yourself by getting in touch with them today!

Which storage solution should you choose?

To make your decision easier, here's the overall comparison of the different services offered by the two storage solutions.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a professional, don't hesitate to click on the button below. An expert will contact you shortly to guide you towards the storage solution best suited to your needs.

Wide choice of storage spaces
Help with packing and boxing
Home pick-up
Online photo inventory
Multi-risk insurance
Return delivery included
Secure storage
Free access to storage
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