Your furniture storage in Villeurbanne

Are you looking for a storage facility in Villeurbanne or in the outskirts of Lyon? Discover our storage offers which are adapted to your needs and allow you to save up to 60% on your storage price.

How does our furniture storage service work in the 69 ?

Home pickup

Our professionals will dismantle, protect and pack your goods for you directly at your place.

Furniture storage

Your objects are transported, packaged and stored in our secure warehouses in Villeurbanne.

Express delivery

Ask for the return of your goods directly online at the date of your choice, our teams will deliver them to you.

A new type of furniture storage in Villeurbanne

Are you looking for a storage facility in the city of Villeurbanne to free up space in your home? YouStock not only offers to store all types of goods in a secure facility, without breaking the bank, but can also take care of all the handling of your belongings.

If you have massive and bulky furniture, our professionals can dismantle and reassemble your furniture to simplify their transportation and routing. But they can also pack, protect and box your personal belongings before putting them in storage.

No need to worry, we have all the necessary packing materials and tools (boxes, protections...) to manage any storage operation, whether it is difficult to access or not.

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YouStock, the simplified furniture storage

We collect and deliver for you
Pay only for the space you use
Manage your stored goods from your photo inventory
Your belongings are watched 24/7
Take advantage of free insurance

Qualified and experienced professionals to support you

YouStock surrounds itself with the best storage professionals in Villeurbanne and its surroundings to meet your needs as soon as possible.

Before joining our teams, each mover is trained in the tools and processes used and implemented by YouStock. A methodology that allows us to ensure their seriousness but also their values. This is to guarantee you a quality, fast and efficient storage service.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should you choose to store your furniture in a warehouse?

Have you inherited bulky furniture? You are moving to a smaller home than your previous one? You are running out of space and your storage space is overflowing? You keep your old stuff and don't want to throw it away?

So many circumstances that may lead you to need a storage space in the 69 such as our furniture repository in Villeurbanne, a space whose sole purpose is to keep your belongings for any length of time, in a completely secure manner.

To do this, our boxes are sealed, fireproof and protected to prevent break-ins, dust and humidity. The warehouses are equipped with security equipment such as a complete fire prevention system, permanent video surveillance and anti-intrusion alarms.

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit in Villeurbanne?

Several professionals such as Shurgard, Homebox or Une Pièce en Plus also provide affordable self storage services. However, they often offer storage unit sizes that are larger than the actual storage volume. Renting a space in a storage center from this type of company can therefore quickly become expensive and, above all, be ill-suited to your needs if you are not careful.

Faced with this situation, YouStock has created a storage unit offer in Villeurbanne that allows you to save up to 60% on a storage unit rental. In order to offer the fairest possible storage price, the storage space is estimated according to the exact volume of the stored items and is adapted to each entry or exit of items. A 100% customized storage offer for which you will only pay for the volume actually stored.

Need less storage space? No problem, choose the smaller offer and reduce your monthly rental cost!

How to recover your belongings stored in Villeurbanne ?

Once your belongings have been carefully packed, collected and stored in our furniture repository in Villeurbanne, how can you get them back? How long does it take to recover my belongings ? What is the recovery procedure?

With YouStock, nothing could be easier:

  • From your photo inventory, select the item(s) you want to be reunited with
  • Enter the date you want your goods to be delivered and validate
  • Your belongings will be delivered to you directly at your home by our teams.

This operation is easy to perform via your personal space, without having to go anywhere! A simple and fast solution to recover some or all of your goods according to your needs!