The best alternative to Annexx

Are you looking for an alternative to Annexx? Let's take a look at the main differences between YouStock and Annexx.

Storage services located in the same towns

Whether you live in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon or even Nice, YouStock and Annexx both have warehouses in France's biggest cities where you can store your belongings. So it's not location that will help you choose between these two storage services.

On the other hand, unlike Annexx, YouStock offers to store your stuff without you having to go anywhere! A big plus if you don't have a car to transport your belongings, or if you simply want to save time in your day-to-day life!

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Annexx or YouStock: who offers the cheapest storage rates?

Focusing on affordable rates without sacrificing the quality of its services, YouStock offers more economical storage solutions than Annexx.

Unlike Annexx and other self-storage companies, which offer few (if any) spaces smaller than 1m², YouStock offers spaces as small as 0.5m², ideal for small items. So you can save on the price of your storage while gaining flexibility for your storage needs.

Optimum storage conditions for YouStock

When it comes to security and storage, YouStock is once again ahead of Annexx. Unlike the boxes offered by Annexx, YouStock stores your belongings in ultra-secure warehouses with ideal storage facilities. Equipped with a surveillance system that operates day and night, highly controlled access and effective security protocols, YouStock ensures maximum protection and ideal preservation of your items, however long you store them.

Are you familiar with YouStock's online photo inventory?

1-click delivery of your belongings

Order the delivery of some or all of your stored items with ease.

An easy-to-use tool

Discover an innovative, user-friendly interface for managing your stored items.

Your assets at your fingertips

Keep permanent visibility of your stored items.

A service judged Excellent

Choose a professional, high-quality service that has already been validated by numerous customers.

Two companies with removal equipment

Do you need special equipment to transport and store your belongings? No problem. Both companies have professional removal equipment at your disposal. Cardboard boxes, blankets, covers, bubble wrap, tape... you'll find everything you need! All you have to do is order the equipment you need directly from their respective websites. The only difference is that with Annexx you'll have to go to the shop to collect it, whereas YouStock delivers it to your door.

Annexx or YouStock: which solution should you choose to store your belongings?

To help you make the right choice, here's a comparison of these two storage solutions.

Do you have a question or would you simply like to talk to an expert about your project? Simulate your rate for free, and an advisor will get back to you as soon as possible to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Wide choice of storage spaces
Help with packing and boxing
Home pickup
Online photo inventory
Multi-risk insurance
Return delivery included
Optimum storage conditions
Free access to storage
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