Your furniture storage unit service in the Paris region

Looking for furniture storage in the Paris region? Discover our tailor-made storage solution that adapts to your needs.

One of the most secure solutions on the storage market
Customer reviews testify to service quality

YouStock reinvents Paris self-storage

From our premises in the heart of Paris, our teams manage all storage operations in the Paris region.

Whether you live in 94, 78, 92, Paris or its inner suburbs, our teams come to your home to dismantle, protect, pack, transport and store your belongings.

Where a self-storage solution forces you to pack and transport your belongings yourself, YouStock lets you store without moving!

How it works?

Online reservation

Start a cost estimation by going over the list of my furniture.

Pick up at your home

YouStock disassembles, wraps, and picks up your furniture at your place.

Furniture storage

Your furniture goes in storage for the duration of your choice.

Save up to 40% on your storage price

Unlike a traditional storage solution that offers predefined box sizes, YouStock provides you with a customized storage unit that adapts to your volume. A solution that allows you to pay only for the actual volume stored.

A permanent adjustment that offers you the possibility of saving up to 40% on your storage space rate in the Paris region!

Simulate my price
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Order the redelivery of your stored goods

When collected, your items are photographed and tracked with a QR code. This process allows you to find them directly on your online inventory.

To order the partial or complete redelivery of your items, nothing could be easier! Simply select the items you want to find from your personal space and our teams will deliver them to you on the date of your choice. Practical, isn't it?

A high-performance storage service for students and small and medium-sized volumes of goods

2 steps Moving

Make room while you find the right accommodation for your belongings.
The storage solution for professionals in all situations: Tyres, archives, stocks of goods...

Renovate you flat

Protect your furniture by storing it while you renovate or decorate.

Departure or Pro transfer

Expatriation, transfer, studies... whatever the reason for your departure, leave with peace of mind.

Death, Marriage, Birth...

Every life event brings its own set of complications, so make things easier for yourself by storing periodically.

Smaller accommodation

Make room while you find the right accommodation for your belongings.

Choose professionals you trust

In order to meet your needs as quickly as possible, YouStock works with the best professionals available in the Paris region.

Carefully selected by our experts, each partner is trained in our methodologies and our values in order to offer you a quality storage service. A recruitment method that allows us to guarantee you an efficient and fast service, with complete confidence.

YouStock can also take care of your move in the Paris region

Are you looking for storage following a move to the Paris region? YouStock has an all-in-one offer that combines moving and storage.

Whether you don't yet have the keys to your new home, or need to do some work before you can move in, this solution lets you store your belongings in a suitable space for as long as you need.

Packing, transport, storage and re-delivery: our professional movers take care of everything! A complete service with a single objective: to enable you to move your belongings with complete peace of mind.

Questions frequently asked

We suggest you free up space in your home in 5 simple steps:

1. dSimulate your rate directly with our dedicated tool
2. One of our specialists will contact you to finalize your needs
3. Receive and sign your quote by email
4. Receive your confirmation of the date of your service by email
5. Our movers come to your home to collect your belongings on the day. Depending on the options chosen, they will pack and disassemble your belongings, then load them and transport them to one of our warehouses.

Thanks to our ultra-secure warehouses (under video surveillance 24/7), our storage solutions guarantee optimal conditions for storing your belongings.

Our Paris warehouse is continuously monitored by an alarm system equipped with anti-intrusion surveillance cameras. Just like your future container, it is not self-service, which ensures additional peace of mind.

Your furniture and personal belongings are stored in secure, fire-resistant, leaded wooden containers. Perfectly protected from the elements, dust and pests, you can leave your belongings in our premises for as long as you like without worrying about the condition in which you will find them.

With YouStock, the days when you had to rent a storage unit for a size/space larger than necessary are over. We make sure to adjust the rates according to the actual volume on the day, so you only pay for the space you use.

What's more, unlike a traditional storage unit in Paris, YouStock collects your belongings directly from your home. You don't have to handle or transport anything, our teams take care of everything!

No need to rent a utility vehicle to transport your belongings across the city of Paris. Not to mention maneuvering in difficult to access streets and parking spaces that are always occupied! No more difficulties to buy packing material (cardboard boxes, specific protections, etc.) or to rent handling equipment (hand trucks, furniture lifts, etc.)! You can finally relax, YouStock is there for you.

Our team of experts takes care of the handling of your belongings and offers you many additional services such as :
  • disassembling and reassembling your furniture (shelves, bed, closet, etc.)

  • packing of your furniture and belongings (dishes, corner sofa, armchairs, knick-knacks, etc.).