YouStock sets up shop in Brussels ! Estimate the cost of your smart storage now.

YouStock sets up shop in Brussels ! Estimate the cost of your smart storage now.

Garde meubles ile de france
Garde meubles ile de france

Your furniture storage in Île-de-France

Are you looking for a storage facility in the Paris region? Discover our tailor-made storage solution that adapts to your needs.

YouStock reinvents self storage in Île-de-France

From our offices located in the heart of Paris, our teams manage all storage operations in the Paris region.

Whether you live in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Créteil, Boulogne-Billancourt, Fontenay-sous-Bois or Asnières-sur-Seine, our teams come to your home to dismantle, protect, pack, transport and store your belongings.

Where a self storage solution forces you to manage the packing and transportation of your belongings yourself, YouStock allows you to store without moving!

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Save up to 40% on your storage price

Unlike a traditional storage solution that offers predefined box sizes, YouStock provides you with a customized storage unit that adapts to your volume. A solution that allows you to pay only for the actual volume stored.

A permanent adjustment that offers you the possibility of saving up to 40% on your storage space rate in the Paris region!

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Order the redelivery of your stored goods

When collected, your items are photographed and tracked with a QR code. This process allows you to find them directly on your online inventory.

To order the partial or complete redelivery of your items, nothing could be easier! Simply select the items you want to find from your personal space and our teams will deliver them to you on the date of your choice. Practical, isn't it?

Choose professionals you trust

In order to meet your needs as quickly as possible, YouStock works with the best professionals available in the Paris region.

Carefully selected by our experts, each partner is trained in our methodologies and our values in order to offer you a quality storage service. A recruitment method that allows us to guarantee you an efficient and fast service, with complete confidence.

How it works?

Online reservation

Start a cost estimation by going over the list of my furniture.

Pick up at your home

YouStock disassembles, wraps, and picks up your furniture at your place.

Furniture storage

Your furniture goes in storage for the duration of your choice.

The storage unit solution that suits your every needs


Protect your furniture by storing it while you renovate or decorate.

Long terme departure

Expatriation, transfer, studies... whatever the reason for your departure, leave with peace of mind.


Are your closets overflowing? Store your stuff out of season to get an airy and orderly dressing room.


Make room while you find the right accommodation for your belongings.

YouStock also takes care of your move

Are you looking for a storage facility following a move in the Paris region? YouStock offers an all-in-one service that combines moving and storage.

Whether you don't have the keys to your new home yet or you need to do some work before you can move in, this solution allows you to store your belongings in a suitable space for as long as you want.

Packing, transport, storage and re-delivery, our professional movers take care of everything! A complete service that has only one objective: to allow you to move your belongings with complete peace of mind.

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