Store your belongings in our storage facility in the 93

Are you looking for a storage facility in Seine-Saint-Denis to store your belongings? Discover our storage solution designed to help you free up space in your home without having to move and at up to 60% less cost than a traditional storage unit.

The innovative storage facility in Seine-Saint-Denis that adapts to your needs

Why waste time packing and transporting your belongings between your home and your storage facility when qualified professionals can do it for you?

Dismantling, protection, packing, transportation and even re-delivery, YouStock offers to store everything from a single box to your entire home on demand, without you having to go anywhere!

What are the advantages of choosing our storage facility in the 93 to store your belongings?

Optimal storage conditions

Whether it's your sophisticated fabrics, your antique furniture, your most precious possessions or your everyday items, our storage units have the perfect conditions to guarantee their preservation. Your belongings are stored in sealed, fireproof containers, protected from dust, temperature variations and pests.

Excellent service according to our customers

As evidenced by the reviews left by our customers on Trustpilot, our teams are recruited and trained to accompany you in your storage project with kindness and professionalism. We only want one thing: to allow you to store your belongings in complete serenity, quickly and simply.

Storage rates up to 60% less expensive than a traditional storage unit

In order to reduce your storage space as much as possible and avoid any empty space, our Tetris experts pack and optimize each of your stored items. A precise and innovative method that can save you up to 60% on your storage fees!

Storage insurance included

You can rest assured that YouStock has free insurance to cover any damage or loss of your goods during handling. In addition to this, we offer a second complementary insurance policy to insure your belongings at their original value.

Experienced professionals

Before joining our teams and being able to intervene in your home, our professional movers are selected and then trained in our methodologies and our values. A strict recruitment process that allows us to guarantee you a quality storage service as well as an unbeatable support.

Store without moving thanks to our collection and re-delivery services

With YouStock, say goodbye to trips between your home and your storage unit! Whether you live in Noisy-le-Grand, Aubervilliers, Aulnay-sous-Bois or Montreuil, our teams come directly to your home to retrieve the goods you want to store.

You want to recover them? Again, no need to travel. Simply select the items you want to retrieve from your online photo inventory and our experts will deliver them to you. A turnkey offer to save you time and money!

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Our storage services are available throughout the 93

Services designed to help you plan your storage

Dedicated consultant
Multi-risk insurance
Reservation of pick-up / delivery times
Parking reservation
Provision of material and boxes

And others to allow you to store your things in all serenity

Home pickup
Free delivery of 1m2 per month
Online photo inventory
Packaging of furniture
Packaging of fragile objects

We answer your questions about our storage facility in Seine-Saint-Denis

YouStock works with the best storage professionals in Seine-Saint-Denis to meet your needs as quickly as possible, whether you live in Aubervilliers, Montreuil, Noisy-le-Grand or Aulnay-sous-Bois.

Don't hesitate to simulate your rate today to get an estimate of your storage price in Seine-Saint-Denis.

It can sometimes be difficult to know the storage space that really corresponds to our needs. To help you calculate it accurately, YouStock has developed a volume calculator in which you just have to list the items you want to store to get your ideal surface.

If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask our experts for advice. They will be able to make the list directly with you by phone to indicate the storage space that corresponds to your needs.

As mentioned above, YouStock has a civil liability insurance policy to guarantee the risks related to the realization of its services and to cover the damages that could be charged to it in the context of their realization. This basic guarantee insures your belongings up to 300€ per m3 (0,5m2) and 100€ per object.

If you wish to insure your belongings at their original value, you can opt for the Ad Valorem insurance. Your belongings will then be insured up to the value of the declaration that you fill in beforehand.

During their collection, each item is photographed to create a photo inventory. It is from this inventory that you will be able to request the partial or complete redelivery of your belongings. Once you have chosen the date and it has been validated by our teams, our movers will take care of the delivery! You don't even need to move.