Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Furniture storage in Paris 75005

Are you looking for cheap furniture storage in Paris 5? Discover the YouStock solution, for all-in-one, tailor-made storage with complete peace of mind!

A new way to store your belongings

Home pickup

Our team will dismantle, pack and protect your belongings directly at home.


Your belongings are stored in a safe place with 24/7 video surveillance, alarm and guarding.


Use your online photo inventory to schedule a return delivery where and when you want it.
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Store and retrieve your belongings without moving

Storage usually involves a lot of back and forth from home to the storage unit. You also have to transport the sometimes heavy and fragile furniture, not to mention the boxes... With YouStock, the hassle is over. Our movers take care of everything, simply select from your online inventory what you want to collect and have it delivered where and when you want it.

An ideal space to store your belongings in Paris 75005

In Paris 5, many buildings with typical Parisian architecture unfortunately do not have a storage space such as a cellar or garage. This makes it difficult to store your belongings in case of renovation or moving.

Narrow streets and touristy places in the city such as the Pantheon do not make handling and transportation easy either... hence the interest of an all-in-one solution like YouStock!

Renting a storage unit gives you the same flexibility as renting a self storage unit, while saving you a lot of hassle.

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Save up to 40% on your storage price in Paris 75005

Find out how YouStock is able to offer you storage prices up to 40% cheaper than traditional self storage companies such as Homebox, Shurgard, Une Pièce en Plus or Annexx.

Prices calculated to the nearest m²

YouStock calculates the exact surface area required for your storage. The price of the furniture repository in Paris 5 is thus determined to the nearest m². You only pay for the space you actually use.

No more empty or unused space

Almost half of the surface area of a storage unit is not used. YouStock makes sure that no empty space is left, for example by adjusting the height of the warehouse to save space.

An optimised surface

Our team optimises the storage of items in your home by dismantling the furniture and using highly protective packing material. The size of the storage unit is approximately 40% smaller than in self storage.

Warehouses located on the periphery

Our warehouses are located off-centre, so their rents are lower than in the city centre. We can therefore offer you much more affordable rates to store your belongings in Paris 5.

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