Comparison of French furniture storage

Do you want to store your belongings but don't know which company to choose? Here's a detailed comparison to help you choose the storage facility that best meets your needs.

Furniture storage comparison: how do you find the right storage unit?

YouStock, Homebox, Shurgard, Une Pièce en Plus, Annexx... there's no shortage of furniture repositories in France! To help you find the one that's right for you, we've put together all the steps you need to take.

1. Assess your real needs to get a fair storage price

Before you start looking for a furniture repository, take the time to list all the items you want to store. This will help you determine the size of storage space you need. By correctly assessing your needs, you can avoid paying for an unnecessarily large space or ending up with insufficient space to store your belongings.

Calculate the storage space you need for free using our online calculator!

2. Compare furniture storage prices

Once you have estimated your surface area, you will need to compare the various furniture storage prices. Be careful, though, as storage prices can vary considerably from one company to another.

To help you find the most competitive rates, we've put together a list of all the prices offered by different self-storage companies on the French market:

Monthly price for 1m²Entry fee
YouStockFrom €49€0
AnnexxFrom €55€0
Une Pièce en PlusFrom €55€0
HomeboxFrom €75€0
ShurgardFrom €75€15
*Storage prices recorded in July 2023 in the Paris region. Prices may vary according to season and location.

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By optimising your storage space as much as possible, YouStock offers you a surface area that fully adapts to your stored goods. No need to pay for a storage unit that's too big! Our tailor-made storage solution allows you to save up to 40% compared with traditional self storage. And if you find a cheaper solution elsewhere, we'll give you the difference!

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3. Analyse the different services on offer

In addition to prices, the additional services offered by furniture repositories can also be a determining factor in your choice. Here is a table comparing the different services offered by the best furniture repositories on the market:

Store your belongings on the move with YouStock

Thanks to our photo inventory, you can easily manage your stored belongings from your personal online space. Choose the items you want to collect, specify the delivery date and our movers will take care of the whole process. No more trips back and forth between your storage unit and your home!

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4. Check their reviews and customer testimonials

Before making your final choice, take the time to read the reviews and testimonials left by customers of the various furniture storage companies. This will give you an idea of the quality of customer service, the reliability of security and the overall satisfaction of users.

YouStock, the best storage alternative in France

Having looked at the various furniture repositories on the market, YouStock clearly stands out as the ideal choice for your storage needs. Its wide choice of surface areas, secure facilities and ease of use make it a practical and reliable solution.

Opting for YouStock means enjoying a hassle-free storage experience and being able to concentrate on what really matters in your life!

FAQ - Furniture storage comparison

In France, there are various storage solutions, mainly represented by self-storage companies and furniture repositories. Some of the best-known are :

  • YouStock
  • Homebox
  • Shurgard
  • Une pièce en Plus
  • Gilbert
  • Costockage

Each of them offers more or less secure storage services tailored to your different needs.

The main difference between self-storage and furniture storage is access to and management of your stored goods:

With the self-stockage :

  • You have free access to your storage unit 24/7, so you can access it at any time without needing to make an appointment.
  • You are responsible for transporting and storing your belongings in the box.
  • You can choose the size of the box to suit your specific needs.

With the furniture storage :

  • Access is by appointment or during specific opening hours.
  • Your belongings are usually stored by professionals, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • The storage area is fully adaptable to your needs.

In short, self-storage offers greater flexibility in accessing and organising your possessions, while furniture storage lets you delegate the management of your belongings to storage specialists.

YouStock has put together some top tips on how to find the best storage space for your money:

1. Evaluate your storage needs: By determining exactly how much storage space you need, you can avoid paying for too much.

2. Compare prices: Use our table above to compare the different storage companies in France. You'll see that YouStock offers competitive, fair and transparent rates.

3. Analyse the services offered: Take into account the additional services offered by each company, such as extra security, equipment sales, transport, etc. At YouStock, we offer a variety of additional services designed to meet any need, even the most specific!

4. Consult customer reviews : Testimonials and reviews left by customers before you will give you an idea of the quality of customer service and overall user satisfaction.

By following these steps and carefully comparing the different options, you'll be able to find a storage facility that meets your expectations in terms of quality, security and price!

Have you found a cheaper storage price with one of our competitors (Shurgard, Homebox, Annexx, Une Pièce en Plus, etc.)? YouStock will match the lowest storage price you have found if, and only if:

you are not yet a YouStock customer

your address is within a 10km zone

the storage conditions and surface area are identical

the price obtained is not part of a competing one-off promotion.

Don't hesitate to contact one of our advisers on 09 80 80 66 65 to find out if your price can be adjusted!