The furniture storage in Meaux in 77

Transfer, work, moving... so many situations which can require a furniture storage or at least, a temporary storage solution. You live in Seine-et-Marne and are looking for a storage unit in Meaux? Discover our all-in-one formula and its multiple advantages.

YouStock, the storage facility in Seine-et-Marne that makes your life easier

The first strong point of Youstock? The fact that you can do everything remotely. Manage directly the collection and delivery of your personal belongings online. Our team takes care of all the operations, from the dismantling of the furniture to the storage in the storage unit in Meaux.

Everything necessary is implemented for a secure handling and storage.

Why store your belongings in storage in Meaux ?

By renting a storage unit or a furniture repository, you can be sure that your belongings are in a safe place.

Indeed, our storage facilities have state-of-the-art equipment to protect your belongings from theft, fire... but also from outside temperatures, summer and winter. Alarms and video surveillance ensure that your belongings are stored in complete peace of mind, no matter how long they are stored.

Yes, YouStock's offer is also the choice of flexibility. Do you need to store for longer than expected? You need more space or, on the contrary, less space for storage? We adapt to your needs, while offering an extremely affordable storage rate in Meaux.

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The storage facility in Meaux that allows you to save up to 60% on your storage fees

When we talk about renting storage space, we often think of Shurgard, Homebox or A Room to spare.

In addition to its flexibility, YouStock offers another major advantage: a considerably reduced cost for a complete and qualitative service.

Our movers know exactly how to store your belongings and boxes so as to minimize the surface area required for storage.

An optimization of the space which allows to rent less m² for a perfectly thought storage. As a result, the price of your storage unit in Meaux can be up to 60% cheaper than with other professionals!

Carefully selected professionals to take great care of your business

YouStock allows you to be accompanied from A to Z for your storage project. To do this, our team takes constant care during all the operations. It also remains available for any question concerning the offer chosen for your furniture storage in Meaux.

The selected removal professionals are above all trained in our methods and our values. Benevolence and quality of service are the key words of all our services, from dismantling to redelivery!

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YouStock allows you to store without even moving

Goodbye to constraints such as dismantling furniture, carrying heavy boxes and travelling to the storage facility with the costs and organization that this implies. We simplify the whole of the operations of storage!

A rental of furniture storage in Meaux that offers the same advantages as a self storage, without the disadvantages.

But how do you get your stored goods back?

Before your furniture is disassembled and packed, our team takes pictures of it to list it in your online inventory. This inventory is accessible from your customer area.

Log in from wherever and whenever you want to easily select the items to be picked up. The delivery is rescheduled according to your availability, then reconfirmed by phone and you're done!

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A few words to describe the advantages of our storage facility in Meaux:

Home pickup of your belongings
Help with packing and boxing
Dismantling and reassembling
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities