Furniture storage in Melun in 77

You live in Seine-et-Marne, lack space or are planning a move? Going through a storage solution is probably the best option to store your belongings. Discover the YouStock offer and the advantages of renting a storage unit in Melun.

YouStock, the storage service in Seine-et-Marne that makes your life easier

It is tedious to manage the administration, moving and storage at the same time, not to mention the trips... Fortunately, with YouStock, everything is much easier!

Our team will take care of your personal belongings for the dismantling of the furniture, the handling (with adapted packing material), the transport and the storage in the furniture depository in Melun.

You are free to choose where and when to have your belongings collected or to have them delivered to you.

What are the advantages of storing your belongings in a storage facility in Melun?

To keep your belongings in perfect condition and in a secure place, there is nothing like a storage unit. Our warehouses and storage units are fully equipped to protect your belongings in all seasons: premises insulated against humidity and outside temperature, fireproof, and equipped with alarm and video surveillance systems to guard against theft.

Furniture, boxes and other objects will have been carefully packed by our teams before being stored, respecting their characteristics in terms of size, shape and fragility for example.

Moreover, if your needs change, our offer adapts! You always have the exact storage space you need, a way to reduce the price of storage while keeping an excellent quality of service.

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The storage facility in Melun that allows you to save up to 60% on your storage fees

It is not always easy to choose a storage company: Homebox? Shurgard? An extra room? And why not YouStock?

Our furniture storage offer is designed to avoid paying for unused space. Also, our teams manage to optimize the organization of the storage in order to reduce the surface necessary for secure storage... and thus also to reduce the price of the furniture repository to rent! You will be able to save up to 60% of the usual offers.

Entrust your belongings to carefully selected professionals

At YouStock, kindness, simplicity and excellence are the key words. You will be accompanied from A to Z during your entire project, our teams remaining available for any question about the storage of your personal belongings.

Our movers are recruited from among the best storage professionals, then trained in our values, tools and work methods. Once they are operational, they are available to provide you with easy, secure and fun storage!

YouStock, the storage unit that comes to you

Unlike self storage, you don't have to worry about travel or handling your belongings; our teams take care of everything!

All you have to do is schedule appointments for the collection of your belongings and their delivery where and when you want.

Everything is done remotely, allowing you to save time, energy, and precious euros.


Before being stored in the furniture repository in Melun, the objects are photographed and listed in your online inventory. A simple connection to your customer area gives you access to it.

You can then choose which items you want to retrieve, and have them delivered to the date and address of your choice. All you have to do is wait for our professionals to arrive!

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A storage facility in Melun with multiple advantages

Home pickup of your belongings
Help with packing and boxing
Dismantling and reassembling
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities