Your furniture storage in Clichy

Do you need to store your belongings or furniture in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine (92), for a short or long time? Discover YouStock, the first self storage solution 100% adapted to your needs!

YouStock, the storage facility in Hauts-de-Seine that makes your life easier

YouStock is an on-demand storage solution that takes care of the entire process of putting your belongings in storage, from packing to storage, including transportation and tracking. We offer you the first self storage space that is truly adapted to your needs, without you having to move!

The advantages of storing your belongings in a storage facility in Clichy

More and more people in the Ile-de-France region are resorting to furniture storage. Indeed, having an additional storage space is very useful when you live in a small apartment. For example, you can store your belongings out of season to make room, or temporarily store furniture that you don't use and that takes up space. The storage unit can also be used to store furniture in case of construction work, to protect it, or in case of moving, the time to find another home. In the same way, it is a practical option when you leave your home temporarily for a transfer, for your studies or for an expatriation.

The storage unit allows you to store your belongings safely, in optimal conditions with professional handling. In addition, companies like YouStock offer great flexibility, especially when it comes to adding or removing items from your storage unit!

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The storage facility in Clichy that allows you to save up to 60% on your storage price

YouStock optimizes your storage space to save you money on your bill. We offer you customized storage spaces adapted to your volume to be stored, which allows you to save up to 60% on your storage rate compared to renting a storage unit with a predefined volume! To do this, we calculate the volume of storage according to the volume of your goods to be stored; then we propose you a surface adapted to this volume.

A team of qualified and experienced professionals

Our team consists of more than 40 qualified and experienced moving professionals. We are committed to revolutionizing the world of self-storage to better suit your needs. For us, the customer experience is the number one priority!

Our movers ensure a 100% dedicated and caring support throughout your project, whether it is to disassemble and pack your furniture, transport it, store it, follow up and deliver it directly to your home.

Store and retrieve your belongings without moving

You don't have access to your storage unit so you don't have to travel, rent a car or move heavy objects. This saves you time, energy and money. On the other hand, we can deliver your belongings at home on request.

How do I get my belongings out of storage?

YouStock's delivery service consists of retrieving some or all of your stored goods. All your stored goods are tracked by a QR code and appear in your online inventory. All you have to do is check the items you want to retrieve in your personal space and we will deliver them directly to your home in Clichy.

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In summary, why choose YouStock and not another storage solution?

Home pickup of your belongings
Help with packing and boxing
Dismantling and reassembling
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities