Your furniture storage in Meudon (92)

Are you looking for a flexible and economical storage space in the Meudon area in the Hauts-de-Seine (92)? Discover YouStock, a 100% flexible self storage solution managed by storage and moving professionals.

YouStock, the furniture repository in Hauts-de-Seine without the headache

YouStock offers a simple and economical on-demand storage solution to the people of Paris. We take care of everything: dismantling and packing your furniture and objects, transport, storage and redelivery. You don't need to move to manage your furniture storage!

Why store your belongings in storage in Meudon ?

The furniture storage is an option more and more appreciated by the inhabitants of Paris to make space in their home. It is also a practical solution to store one's belongings in case of departure: moving, expatriation, studies, transfer...

Many people rent a storage unit while their apartment is being renovated, to free up space and protect their furniture. Whatever the reason for renting a storage unit, YouStock can adapt to your needs! We store your belongings safely and in optimal conditions with professional handling. Your stored belongings are also protected by insurance. So you can have peace of mind!

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The storage facility in Meudon that allows you to save up to 60% on your storage fees

Choosing YouStock as your storage solution means saving up to 60% on your storage space! Indeed, to optimize your storage space, we calculate the storage volume according to the volume of your stuff to store. Then, we propose you a storage surface adapted to the volume to be stored. Result: up to 60% savings compared to renting a storage unit with a predefined volume!

Entrust your business to a team of qualified and experienced professionals

Our team of qualified and experienced movers will accompany you throughout your project to optimize the storage of your goods and furniture. Meeting your needs in a precise manner is our number one priority! Our team accompanies you in a benevolent way for the packing, the transport, the storage and the redelivery directly to your residence of your goods stored in furniture storage.

It's possible to store and retrieve your belongings without moving!

One of the advantages of YouStock is that you can carry out the entire storage process without having to move, which saves you a lot of time and energy! You can avoid travelling, renting a car and moving heavy objects.

The delivery option

At YouStock, we offer you the delivery of your stored goods. During the packing and storage process, each of your goods is given a QR code that allows you to track it remotely via your online inventory. All you have to do is check off the items you want to collect and we will deliver them directly to your home in Meudon! The redelivery is both simple and fast!

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Why choose YouStock and not another storage solution?

Home pickup of your belongings
Help with packing and boxing
Dismantling and reassembling
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities