Furniture storage in Lyon 69001

A move, a transfer, work at home... so many events that may require the rental of a storage unit. Discover our cheap storage solution in Lyon 1!

YouStock, the ideal storage facility in Lyon 1 to store your belongings

In order to guarantee you a complete solution for your storage needs, our teams offer to take care of everything! From dismantling your furniture to transporting it to the storage facility in Lyon 1, including packing your belongings in boxes, YouStock takes care of everything!

We have all the know-how and equipment necessary to move and store your personal belongings safely and in a place designed for this purpose and secured (24-hour video surveillance, alarm system, etc.).

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Save up to 60% on your storage costs in Lyon 1

Various storage professionals such as Homebox, Shurgard or Une pièce en Plus operate in the first district of Lyon and its surroundings. But YouStock manages to differentiate itself by the flexibility of its offers as well as its prices.

In order to offer you cheap storage rates, our professionals pack and package your belongings in order to optimize space. No more wasted space in the box: you save space while making savings! A real price advantage since our storage offers allow you to save up to 60% on the price of the storage unit in Lyon 1.

Store your stuff without even moving!

Thanks to your online photo inventory, you can select at any time the stored items you wish to recover. An appointment will then be scheduled with the team in charge of the storage of your belongings for the home delivery of your goods on the chosen date.

On the other hand, storing your belongings alone means having to rent a vehicle for each trip, but also renting handling equipment, having enough packing boxes, not to mention the time and energy allocated to all these tasks... YouStock therefore offers you the advantages of self storage without the disadvantages!

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Frequently asked questions

We have an online solution, the volume calculator, which allows you to know the number of cubic meters you need to store your belongings in the furniture repository in Lyon 1.

This tool is accessible free of charge, and a few clicks are enough to know the storage surface you will need.

Simply select the items you want to pick up from your online inventory to schedule a re-delivery on the date of your choice directly to your home.

Our storage offer includes insurance on your belongings. In addition, our storage spaces, such as our furniture storage units in Lyon 1, have state-of-the-art equipment to secure your personal belongings: fire alarms, video surveillance, etc. Finally, our storage units are fireproof in order to offer optimal and safe storage conditions.