Furniture storage in Lyon 69002

Various events such as a transfer, work at home or a move may require renting a storage unit or a furniture storage unit. This storage solution allows you to benefit from a space dedicated to the storage of your personal belongings. Let's see how to find a cheap storage unit rental in Lyon 2.

A complete storage solution in Lyon 2

YouStock offers you an all-in-one solution for the storage of your personal belongings. Indeed, we offer storage in a secure location, but not only!

Our teams also take care of the dismantling of your furniture and their proper transportation in one of our furniture storage boxes in Lyon 2.

Our know-how and our adequate equipment ensure a safe storage and transportation.

For example, for your move, the furniture repository allows you to store your various objects for the duration of your choice. Our offer is flexible in order to adapt to your needs (duration of rental, volume required...) as well as to your budget.

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No more going back and forth, store your belongings without moving!

When you use our services, you have a personal space on our website. From there, you can access the virtual inventory of your belongings stored in our storage spaces. All you have to do is choose which items and boxes to pick up, where to deliver them, and the date and time.

A simple phone call will confirm the delivery to the desired address.

This mode of operation has the advantages of self storage without the disadvantages. You are autonomous without having to travel and therefore without having to rent a vehicle each time, which is costly, time-consuming and tiring, especially for long or frequent journeys. You also benefit from a more advantageous storage rate in Lyon 2.

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Save up to 60% on your storage costs in Lyon 2

Perhaps you already know self storage specialists like Homebox, Shurgard or Une pièce en plus? These professionals also offer self storage solutions in Lyon 2. However, YouStock has the major advantage of offering a more affordable rate for the secure storage of your belongings.


Our teams do everything necessary to optimize the space your belongings will occupy once they are packed. With no wasted or unused space, you will only pay for what you really need! No more unused square footage... With YouStock, you can save up to 60% compared to traditional solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Our volume calculator is a free online tool. It allows you to calculate the number of square meters you will need to store your belongings in the Lyon 2 storage facility.

Just a few clicks are enough to know the surface you will need to rent.

Choose the goods to be collected via your online inventory then validate to make an appointment at the date and address of your choice.

Our storage spaces are equipped with the necessary equipment for the secure storage of your personal belongings: video surveillance, alarms... Our furniture repositories in Lyon 2 are also fireproof for even more security.

Finally, our offer includes insurance on all the belongings stored in our storage spaces.