YouStock's warranties

In case of unforeseen events during your performance, we will not let you down! Discover all the guarantees we offer here.

1️⃣ In case of delay of our teams

You have chosen a fixed or flexible time slot for the collection/delivery of your belongings but our teams have not been able to honour it? Do not hesitate to inform our customer service by filling in our form in order to obtain compensation.

*Compensation in the form of vouchers or a credit on your next transport service.

2️⃣ In the event of a problem during your service

In addition to having grouped together all the steps to follow in order to claim reimbursement in the event of damage observed following the intervention of our teams, you should know that YouStock covers your goods according to the type of insurance that you chose when you signed your contract.

  • Free insurance: Your belongings are automatically insured free of charge up to €100 per item.
  • All-risk insurance (or ad valorem): Your personal effects are insured at actual value.