The storage facility in Ivry-sur-Seine that simplifies your life

You want to rent a space to store your belongings? Discover our storage solution in Ivry-sur-Seine that is up to 60% cheaper than a traditional storage unit.

Why store your belongings in our storage facility in Ivry-sur-Seine?

Sometimes we have to temporarily store personal belongings outside our home. This is for example the case when we move house, when we are working or when we are away for a long time.

The lack of space at home or the fact that we don't use certain objects all year round, such as our ski equipment, also makes long-term storage an interesting solution.

YouStock, the storage facility in the 94 that takes care of you and your belongings

The principle of the furniture storage is the following: to ensure the storage of your things in a place especially conceived for that. If certain goods cannot be stored there, a storage facility will be ideal for your belongings to remain safe.

A secure storage solution since our furniture storage facility in Ivry-sur-Seine has all the necessary equipment to protect what is stored there. Video surveillance, fire alarm, advanced locking system... everything is implemented for a secure storage. Moreover, this type of storage unit is perfectly isolated from external risks such as bad weather, falling temperatures or heat waves.

A complete and customized storage solution

Several players in the storage rental market offer this type of solution. However, YouStock has the advantage of having a complete offer including all the handling of your goods.

Furniture to dismantle, even the most fragile? Floors to be taken down with many boxes? We offer to dismantle, pack, box and transport all your goods in addition to our storage services. You can make space in the blink of an eye while avoiding the trips back and forth between your home and the storage facility!

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Storage prices in Ivry-sur-Seine up to 60% cheaper

In addition to transportation and storage in the storage space, YouStock differentiates itself from other professionals in the market (Shurgard, Une Pièce en Plus or Homebox) by offering a complete optimization of your storage space.

Experienced and qualified, our experts fill in every empty space to guarantee you a low-cost storage rental.

Instead of renting a traditional 2mx2m storage unit that is difficult to use for 120€ per month, you can pay only 49€ to store your belongings in a 1mx1m storage unit thanks to their optimization.

With YouStock's solution, renting your storage unit in Ivry-sur-Seine is less expensive than renting a storage unit while benefiting from expert services.

In short, why choose YouStock?

Help with packing and boxing
Pick up of your goods at home
Online photo inventory
Disassembly and reassembly
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities

Recover your stored goods quickly and easily

Our solution adapts to your needs as soon as necessary. You move into your new home and want to recover your belongings gradually? You are returning from a mission abroad and want to find all your belongings stored before your departure?

Nothing could be simpler than to recover them.

How ?

Log in to your YouStock personal space and from your online photo inventory, select all the ones you want to pick up.

Then indicate the desired delivery date and the address where they should be delivered. Yes, everything is done remotely, no need to move! After confirming the delivery date, our movers will deliver your belongings carefully stored in the Ivry-sur-Seine storage facility to your address.

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