Your furniture storage in Villejuif

You live in Villejuif (94) and you want to free up space in your home? YouStock offers a custom storage solution in Villejuif and throughout the Val-de-Marne. Discover our flexible, practical and economical storage solution.

How does our storage service in Villejuif at YouStock work?

YouStock is an innovative and flexible storage solution operated by storage and moving experts. Our team will take care of the entire storage process wherever you live in Val-de-Marne:

  • We dismantle, protect and pack your belongings directly at your home

  • We transport your belongings from your home to our storage centers

  • We store your belongings in our warehouses under video surveillance 24/7

How to rent a storage unit in Villejuif?

To rent a storage unit at the best price in Villejuif (94), we advise you to choose a customized storage unit where you will only pay for the volume stored.

With the increase in housing prices in the Ile-de-France region, self storage has become a popular option for people living in the area. The storage unit allows you to temporarily store objects or furniture, whether you are moving or leaving (transfer, studies, expatriation...), or simply to make room by storing objects you do not use elsewhere. By choosing to store your objects in a furniture repository, you benefit from a secure space protected from light and humidity to protect your furniture and bulky objects.

Although storage is a practical option, it can be expensive. Most storage companies (Homebox, Shurgard, Une pièce en plus...) offer to rent a storage unit with a predefined volume, which you will not always fill. YouStock revolutionizes the storage in furniture repository with its storage spaces tailored to the volume you want to store. With YouStock, you will only pay for the volume you store, which allows you to save up to 60% compared to a conventional storage facility!

YouStock, a complete solution at the best price

Collection of your goods at home
Help with packing and boxing
Disassembly and reassembly
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities

Delivery to recover my belongings in storage in Villejuif

YouStock saves you time with our re-delivery option that allows you to retrieve some or all of your belongings from storage at any time. When we pick up your belongings, we take a picture of all your items and assign them a QR code. You will then be able to find them in your online inventory and simply select the ones you wish to retrieve, at any time! We then deliver your belongings to your home in Villejuif.

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