Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Your furniture storage in Kremlin Bicêtre

If you are looking for a space to store your belongings in Kremlin Bicêtre, discover our storage unit in Kremlin Bicêtre that is up to 60% less expensive than a traditional rental unit and that allows you to store your belongings without moving!

YouStock revolutionizes storage in the Val-de-Marne

With the aim of helping you store your belongings quickly and serenely, YouStock is not content to simply offer you a storage facility in Le Kremlin Bicêtre. We have thought of a set of complementary services to allow you to store your belongings without moving!

Our professional teams are able to manage all the handling of your goods, as well as their routing. Dismantling of furniture, packing of your objects, transport... we take care of everything!

Why store your personal belongings in a storage facility?

It may sometimes be necessary to store your personal belongings outside your home. This is the case, for example, when you move, leave for another country or the other side of France, or when you need to empty a room.

Designed to store your belongings of various kinds (bulky furniture, fragile dishes, everyday clothes...), the storage facility also offers the possibility of choosing the duration of storage. Whether it is for a long period or not, this storage space has the advantage of being perfectly secure, with alarm and video surveillance systems in place 24/7.

As you can see, finding a storage solution such as a storage unit in Le Kremlin Bicêtre to avoid getting bogged down is essential when you lack space.

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Save up to 60% on your storage rate in Kremlin Bicêtre

Several other professionals such as Shurgard, Une Pièce en Plus or Homebox offer their storage services in Paris and its surroundings, it's true. So what makes YouStock different?

It's simple: optimization. Indeed, our team of experts conditions and optimizes your storage space. In other words, they will be able to put a maximum of your belongings in a minimum of space to reduce the volume of the storage unit and therefore, the price of your storage rental! A complete service to avoid worrying about how to arrange your boxes.

Why choose YouStock to store your belongings?

Pick up of your goods at home
Help with packing and boxing
Disassembly and reassembly
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities

Retrieve your belongings from our storage facility in Kremlin Bicêtre in one click

When they are collected from your home, your items are photographed so that you can find them in your online photo inventory on your personal space. It is this inventory that will allow you to recover some or all of your belongings deposited in our storage center in the 94.

How do we do it?

Consult the inventory of your stored goods, select those you want to retrieve and then choose a time slot for delivery. Yes, everything is done remotely, so you don't have to go anywhere. Our team will take care of transporting your belongings from the storage facility located in Le Kremlin Bicêtre.

In order to ensure the good delivery, our team will reconfirm you the slot by telephone. You will then only have to receive your carefully packed belongings.

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