Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Your furniture storage in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

You live in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés in the Val-de-Marne (94) and you need to store furniture or bulky items, for a short or long period of time? YouStock offers you a flexible, innovative and customized solution for the safe storage of your belongings in a furniture repository.

YouStock furniture storage, the ideal solution for all your storage needs

To make space at home

With housing prices continuing to rise, people in the Paris region have less and less room to store all their belongings. The storage unit can be used to de-clutter your home by storing your belongings out of season.

During a move

Our all-in-one solution allows everyone in the Paris area to move and store their belongings in a secure location until they find a new home that can accommodate them.

On departure

Whether it is for a professional transfer, studies at the other end of France (or even the world) or expatriation, YouStock accompanies you in your project by keeping your belongings warm during your trip.

During renovation work

The storage facility has the ideal conditions to store your furniture and other belongings for the duration of your work. Temperature, humidity, dust... your belongings are safe!
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I need a cheap furniture storage in Saint Maur des Fossés. How does it work ?

YouStock offers you a practical, flexible and innovative solution to store your furniture and belongings temporarily. In the Paris region, storing your belongings in a furniture repository can quickly turn out to be complicated, between the lack of time (it takes time to dismantle and pack the furniture) and the difficulty of transportation (apartments in the Paris region are often difficult to access, with narrow or non-existent elevators and cramped stairwells!) YouStock offers to save you time and energy by taking care of everything: dismantling, protecting and packing your belongings, as well as transporting them to our secure storage centers.

With YouStock, you only pay for the volume you need to store, with storage spaces tailored to your needs. You will save up to 40% on your storage in Saint Maur des Fossés compared to a traditional storage unit with a predefined volume.

In summary, what are the advantages of using YouStock storage?

Pick up of your goods at home
Help with packing and boxing
Disassembly and reassembly
Online photo inventory
Free delivery
24/7 secure storage facilities

Is the YouStock storage facility secure?

YouStock offers a 100% secure storage solution in Val-de-Marne. Our warehouses are under video surveillance 24/7, with an alarm system equipped with anti-intrusion surveillance cameras. Your storage space is not self-service: to retrieve items, simply go to your online inventory and select the furniture and objects you wish to retrieve. We'll deliver your belongings directly to your home.

In addition, our storage spaces are leaded, secure and fireproof wooden containers. Your objects will be protected from bad weather, dust and pests. You are thus sure to recover them in perfect condition!

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Our storage services are available throughout the 94 - Val-de-Marne

Why rent a storage unit in Saint Maur des Fossés ?

A storage facility is a secure space, protected from light and humidity, where you can temporarily store furniture and other belongings that you do not need at the moment. Your belongings are packed, transported and stored by moving professionals to save you time and energy.