Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Enjoy the Olympic Games 2024 with complete peace of mind, as we will ensure the continuity of our removal and storage services.

Your storage unit in Vitry-sur-Seine

Do you want to store bulky items or furniture that you no longer need in Vitry-sur-Seine in the Val-de-Marne (94)? Furniture storage is the ideal solution. Choose YouStock, an innovative and flexible storage solution, to save time and money.

YouStock, the furniture storage in Vitry-sur-Seine that makes your life easier

To guarantee you a flexible and customized storage solution, our professional teams offer to take care of :

  • the dismantling, protection and packing of your goods to be stored

  • the transportation of your belongings to our storage centers in the Paris region

  • the delivery of the goods that you wish to recover directly at your home

You have nothing to manage and you will save time and energy.

Why store your belongings in storage in Vitry-sur-Seine?

Furniture storage is a solution favored by many Parisians who do not have the space to store a lot of furniture and belongings in their too small apartment. Storing your belongings in storage allows you to free up space and also to store your belongings when you leave your home (moving, studies, expatriation, transfer...).

By choosing to store your belongings in a storage facility in Vitry-sur-Seine, you will benefit from :

  • A secure space, protected from humidity, bad weather and pests to store your bulky items

  • The packing and transport of your belongings to be stored by moving professionals

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A solution that allows you to save up to 60% on your storage fees

YouStock provides you with a custom storage space. Unlike traditional storage units that have a predefined volume, our storage space adapts to the volume you want to store. You will only pay for the volume you store, which can save you up to 60% on the price of your storage unit in Vitry-sur-Seine!

YouStock, the furniture storage in Vitry-sur-Seine that moves for you

Do you want to get back some or all of the things you have in storage in Val-de-Marne? YouStock offers you the re-delivery of your belongings in storage. You don't even need to travel or go back and forth between your home and your storage center!

How do I get my items back from storage?

When collecting your furniture, we take pictures of all the goods to be stored and we assign them a QR code. You will then be able to find the list of all the goods stored in your online inventory. If you want to collect any of your belongings, simply select them from your inventory and we will deliver them directly to your home.

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